The Aquarium of La Rochelle

Located on Quai Louis Prunier in the La Rochelle marina, theaquarium is just 5 km from the La Rochelle campground. It takes about ten minutes to reach it by car and about twenty minutes by bike.

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Welcome to the Aquarium La Rochelle

One of the largest private aquariums in Europe is located near your camping Le Beaulieu. At the La Rochelle aquarium, more than 600 species are found in 10 different worlds. You will find it on the marina of the city. Take a family tour and immerse yourself in a soothing and fascinating marine atmosphere.

The tour of theLa Rochelle aquarium begins with species from the temperate waters of the Atlantic, and continues with the more colorful species of the Mediterranean Sea.

Then follows a space dedicated to jellyfish and their elegant diaphanous ballet, a dive into the Caribbean seas, then an immersion in the heart of the corals of the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans within theaquarium of La Rochelle. The encounter with sharks is a highlight of the trip, as well as the encounter with sea turtles.

600 species to discover

Renowned as one of the largest aquariums in Europe, theLa Rochelle Aquarium is home to over 12,000 marine animals representing 600 different species.

The successive museographic spaces, dedicated to the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the tropical forest or the Indo-Pacific environment, are an opportunity to encounter multicolored fish and surprising aquatic species, such as deep-sea corals, big-bellied seahorses, porcupine fish or giant spider crabs.

The highlight of your visit is the encounter with sharks and turtles, which evolve in 1.5 million liters of sea water.

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1H30 of breathtaking visit

TheLa Rochelle Aquarium offers a fascinating tour of the world’s seabed, starting with species from the temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean: rays, cuttlefish, sardines and silver turbot are found alongside pink langoustines and starfish.

The visit continues with the most colorful species of the Mediterranean. After a stopover in the middle of elegant jellyfish and hammerhead sharks, you arrive in the Caribbean area for a ballet of extraordinary colors and sparkling reflections.

The most amazing and aesthetic species await you in the Indo-Pacific area, with nautilus, garden eels and parrot fish. Then comes the much awaited shark area, which can be seen from the ledge or sitting quietly in front of theaquarium‘s bays, just like in the theater. Equally fascinating is the ballet of the turtles, which waltz in the company of the worrying morays.

In the tropical forest, piranhas evolve under the shade of tree ferns and rare orchids. The visit is not quite over… It ends with the fascinating space of the light magicians, these underwater species that use light to camouflage themselves or to communicate.

In the space dedicated to the tropical forest of theaquarium of La Rochelle, piranhas and rare orchids are to be admired. The gallery of lights closes the visit like a final bouquet, with surprising species capable of generating light effects.

Opening hours and prices of the aquarium La Rochelle

Are you planning a comfortable stay at the 4-star Le Beaulieu campsite in La Rochelle? Whether you book a caravan site or a fully equipped luxury mobile home in La Rochelle, remember to include in your activity program one of the main attractions of Charente-Maritime: theLa Rochelle aquarium.

The opening hours of theLa Rochelle aquarium vary according to the season:

  • July-August: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • April, May and September: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • October to March: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

The price of the general admission is 17.50 € per adult, 12.50 € per child (3-17 years). Free access for children under 3 years old.

Large families, students and disabled people benefit from reduced rates (15.50 € per adult, 10.50 € for 3-17 years old).

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Top 5 things to know about the Aquarium La Rochelle

  • TheLa Rochelle Aquarium is the result of a family adventure that has been going on for 3 generations!
  • The site houses 3 million liters of sea water. The shark aquarium alone represents 1.5 million liters of sea water, or half!
  • If 83 aquariums make up the visitable part of theLa Rochelle Aquarium, 150 aquariums also exist behind the scenes, dedicated to animals in quarantine!
  • More than 12,000 marine animals are on display to the public.
  • 18 kg is the weight of the daily food prepared for the fish in the aquarium.