Zoo of la Palmyre in Royan

One hour south of La Rochelle, the Palmyre zoo is a great idea for a family day out. Less than 80 km separatethe zoo from the campsite in La Rochelle, via the N137 to Rochefort and then via the coastal roads to Marennes and La Tremblade.

zoo la rochelle

Discovery of the Zoo of La Palmyre

Open since 1966, the Palmyre Zoo is now one of the most renowned zoos in France on an international scale. In the heart of a pine forest typical of the Atlantic coast, the zoo is located 15 km from Royan. In permanent evolution, it welcomes new species all the time. The optimization of the living conditions of the animals and the conservation of the fauna are the main objectives of the Royan zoo. It is an example in the field of protection of endangered and threatened species. It is in this spirit that the La Rochelle Zoo participates in numerous international cooperations and finances several programs dedicated to these causes.

Each space groups the animals by theme: carnivores, great apes, birds, ungulates, etc. But the strength of the La Rochelle La Palmyre zoo is that it also offers educational shows to explain more about the species housed in the zoo and the work of the caretakers. From spring break to fall break, your visit to the animal sanctuary will be an opportunity to see the sea lion show, the pandas in their natural environment, the aquariums and the parrots’ antics. An enchantment for the visitors of the zoo near Royan!

The 5 important things about La Rochelle Zoo

  • The Palmyre Zoo has 1600 residents on 18 hectares of land.
  • 200 to 250 births per year are to be celebrated!
  • 115 species, including 28 different species of primates, are residents of the Palmyra Zoological Park.
  • 250 tons of fodder and 180 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables make up the annual ration distributed, not including meat, fish, seeds and compound feed.
  • 150 grams is the weight of the smallest animal in the Palmyra zoo, apygmy marmoset, while the largest is theAsian elephant with its 4 tons.

Breeds that can be found at the Royan de la Palmyre Zoo

Royan Zoo is home to 6 main categories of fascinating animals from around the world:

  • Carnivores, including cheetahs, tigers, panthers, lions or small meerkats.
  • Marine mammals, with sea lions, otters and polar bears.
  • The birds, as diverse as flamingos, penguins, cranes, ostriches, eagles and macaws.
  • Ungulates including elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras and hippos.
  • The primates are represented by gorillas, tamarins, orangutans and lemurs.

Reptiles, including crocodiles, iguanas, giant tortoises and boas.

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