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Campsite near Puilboreau

Campsite in the heart of Puilboreau

The Beaulieu campsite is located 800 meters from the city center of Puilboreau and its shops. Ideal for shopping or going to the market, in 2 minutes by car and 3 minutes by bike. You can reach the village on foot in less than 15 minutes.

tourism Campsite Puilboreau
Campsite puilboreau

Puilboreau, between town and village

In the continuity of La Rochelle, Puilboreau has preserved in its village the soul of a village while offering the inhabitants of the agglomeration a modern shopping centre of great scope. Nearly 200 signs welcome you for an afternoon of shopping in the shopping area of Beaulieu.

Discover the nature around Puilboreau

To escape from the countryside, head for the woods of La Tourtillère, 10 hectares of forests covered with walking and sports trails. The village’s sport and cultural clubs can be found in the late 18th century castle on the site. A 9 km trail allows you to discover Puilboreau, its history and heritage. It is dotted with explanatory signs that detail and highlight the local heritage: from the agricultural past of the town to the Saint-Louis church, passing through the seigneury of Le Petit Cheusse, La Tourtillère, the Grammont school farm and the Baillac manor house. The town hall park is another pleasant place to walk and stroll. For your leisure time, the city of Puilboreau has several sports facilities and a skate park. All year round, there are festivities, exhibitions and cultural events accessible from the Campsite open all year round . Finally, several bus lines connect Puilboreau to downtown La Rochelle, allowing you to easily reach the old port or Les Minimes beach without worrying about parking issues.


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